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The Koala/Dingo's Profile!! Empty The Koala/Dingo's Profile!!

Post  Rythm Dragon on Sat Apr 04, 2009 10:29 am

Name: Anthie E. Leaf
Age: 4
Appearance: The Koala/Dingo's Profile!! Leaf_Diving_by_cozmictwinkie
Likes: Being hyper, hacking into programs
Dislikes: Anything that has to do with robots and cheese.
Team: Air (is Tail's biggest fan)
Species: Koala and dingo mix
Bio: He is a genius almost as smart as tails. When he was smaller, his family was roboticized by Eggman into robots. Sad and alone, he found his life in theivery. As a theif, he stole so many things and learned how to hack into anything no matter how many firewalls or viruses there are. He carries around a laptop all the time and alwats hides from people. He is not really part of team air, but he pretends to be. You could say he's an outside source. Anthie might be a funny one, but he has a dark side to him, which will be explained later.
Rythm Dragon
Rythm Dragon

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The Koala/Dingo's Profile!! Empty Re: The Koala/Dingo's Profile!!

Post  Hydro the hedgehog on Thu Apr 09, 2009 10:48 pm

Approved, sorry it took long time

Moves:Water control, Water dash, water wave, water cyclone, Ice punch, Nevermeltice armor,Ice clones, Ice blast.

Angel Hydro:Lights blessings, Waters blessings, Heal, Water heaven, Water heavens punishment(water heaven needed), Sacred waters.

Devil Hydro:Devils strike, Devils regret, Fire blast, Water hell, Water hells suffercation(water hell needed), burning waters.

Water shurikins
shadow magnums
light daggers
water glove
Ice sword
Hydro the hedgehog
Hydro the hedgehog
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