Reserved memories of a new future

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Reserved memories of a new future Empty Reserved memories of a new future

Post  Rythm Dragon on Fri May 29, 2009 11:08 am

The dark streets were clouded in shadows as a figure walked down the alleyways of Station Square City. He was white, with golden eyes that glowed in the night. His cloak swished on the ground and he stared at the surroundings with mild stress. Finitevus was planning. The echidna stared ahead, looking into a vast darkness but in his mind seeing a new world of great and promised beauty. Instead of these dark streets his mind saw valleys and mountains, statues of dragons and great wealth beyond his imagination.

And he wanted it to become reality. But the freedom fighters of this current world would never allow him to destroy what they had made. It confused him how they wanted all this strange and foreign materials to stay. He was angered by this and he knew what he had to do. He had to take it and wreck it with the force of power that designed the chaos emeralds! But it was rare to find this power, so he had to search for it always. Finitevus sighed and looked to a small alley cat sitting on a garbage can.

''I guess you want this world to stay like this and rot don't you? You don't want it to change! You want to starve and scavenge instead of hunting like a true cat would!'' Finitevus quickly turned to anger and lifted the cat with his power. The cat struggled but could not be released. Finitevus stared at it a moment, then threw it far far away, still angry. He clenched his hands into fists and walked down the street more, despite the looks that he was being given by some people who had been watching him....
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