The story of how ashe became the chao protector

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The story of how ashe became the chao protector Empty The story of how ashe became the chao protector

Post  Ashe the hedgehog on Thu Mar 26, 2009 12:09 am

it was about 18 years before we fought black doom, i was on a mission to find some clasifed top secret files on a project when the floor randomly disappeared and i was in a forest on an island. There was about 50 to 60 chao on that island and a rather big one (it was as tall as sonic) approched me and said that he's name was Nightshade, and he was the leader of all chao across the earth. he also said that he had being watching me the last past 8 years and had decided that i would become the chao protector. The chao protector could speak chao, and could mentally talk to chao when they made contact. I asked why me and nightshade said that i had a soft side for chao and he was right. so i accepted the offer ad i am now the chao protector

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