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Post  Ashe the hedgehog on Sat Mar 21, 2009 4:23 am

This is my story:
When GUN soldiers killed maria, after she sent shadow in an escape pod to earth from the ARK, Gerald was enraged over the death of her. He also thought shadow was dead. He thought that he would create another more powerful hedgehog, and thus begins my story. Gerald contacted Black doom, an alien that helped create shadow, and asked him if he would help him again to make a more powerful hedgehog. Black doom demanded that he would get the experiment 50 years later, and Gerald accepted. After i was finnished, gerald found shadow, and diceded that he didn't need me anymore so he shut me off into a deep slumber. fifty years later, when shadow and sonic saved the world, i awoke. After i tracked down and fought shadow, he told me he had amnesia. I decided to tell him about himself, myself being a weapon of war, and maria, and the promise he made to him. Black doom then appeared, claiming me as his. Sonic then showed up. And with their help, we defeated black doom, but a strange power had awoken in me, and i knew i could harm shadow and innocent people with it. So, i ran away to try and tame my newly found power. i returned to lead a lonely path of denile, but I then met Hydro, a strange blue hedgehog that was an elemental hedgehog. He introduced me to thunder, another elemental hedghog. And so i joined team peace, for i wated a more promising future for everyone.

Shadow the hedgehog is awesome!!!!! i love him!!!!! XD!!!!!! Go shadow!!!!
Team Peace Rockz!!!!!
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