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Post  Thunder The Hedgehog on Sat Nov 08, 2008 12:47 pm

Name : Thunder
Species : Hedgehog
Team : Team Plasma
Fur Color : Yellow
Likes : Sharina The Hedgehog
Dislikes : Maksmack The Echinda
Moves: Drago Thunder Ball ,Thunder Backattack, Thunder Speed Blast Super Form : Super Drago Thunder Ball, Super Speed Warp and Same moves in normal form except Thunder ball Hyper Form : Hyper Drago Thunder Ball,Hyper Smash,Hyper Speed Warp same moves on normal formexcept Thunder ball.
Rings :100

ok thats the template and you will also have your own teams my team is team Plasma oh and the teams will be usergroups so you can joina team you want but only can have 3 in a team
Thunder The Hedgehog
Thunder The Hedgehog

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