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Post  Thunder The Hedgehog on Mon Nov 17, 2008 10:31 am

Likes:Being in the water
Dislike:Poison and darkness
Fur color:Water blue, with dark blue water symbols
Moves:Water control, Water dash, water wave, water cyclone, Ice punch, Nevermeltice armor,Ice clones, Ice blast
Team:Team Peace

Angel Hydro:Lights blessings, Waters blessings, Heal, Water heaven, Water heavens punishment(water heaven needed), Sacred waters.

Devil Hydro:Devils strike, Devils regret, Fire blast, Water hell, Water hells suffercation(water hell needed), burning waters.

Angel hydro can be in use if his feels losing and has hope.

Devil Hydro can be use if only he feels anger, agony, and Madness.
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