The Untold Story of Blaze

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The Untold Story of Blaze Empty The Untold Story of Blaze

Post  Blaze the Hedgehog on Fri Nov 14, 2008 6:09 am

My name is Blaze,people know im the hedgehog of Fire,but what most people dont know is i never wanted 2 b. Heres my story,my story is similar 2 Thunder's story but different. B4 Staz bcame Thunder...i was just a regular hedgehog and was named Nova and had no family or friends.......i was alone. Then a storm came,the same storm that gave Staz the power of Thunder, i was whisked away 2 a different place. I landed on a island of fire,and someone appeared 2 me calling himself the Guardian of Fire gave me the gift of being a elemental hedgehog. I tried 2 tell him i wasnt interested but he said i was the chosen one,and he was right. A prophecy bout a hedgehog coming from a storm and it was he then changed my fur pure red and gave me the name Blaze. He then told me i am the new guardian of fire. Then i made new friends one of them was the hedgehog of water named Hydro the guradian of water and Thunder the hedgehog and the new guradian of thunder. Then i made the new friends Shadow and Sonic,the ledgendary hedgehogs that saved the world so many times. Thats my story.
Blaze the Hedgehog
Blaze the Hedgehog
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The Untold Story of Blaze Empty Re: The Untold Story of Blaze

Post  Ashe the hedgehog on Sat Mar 21, 2009 3:37 am

You had a past that was filled with troubles... but you have friends now and you're the guardian of fire! i think he was right, you are the chosen guardian of fire!!

Shadow the hedgehog is awesome!!!!! i love him!!!!! XD!!!!!! Go shadow!!!!
Team Peace Rockz!!!!!
Ashe the hedgehog
Ashe the hedgehog
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