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The rules of chao's Empty The rules of chao's

Post  Shadow the hedgehog on Sat Nov 08, 2008 12:41 pm

well here's the real rules.
you can have a maximum of 4 chaos, you start with 2 normal baby chaos. by completing missions and quests you gain money, chaos drives and animals. evolve your chaos how you like if you're really nice to them with a dark character(mephiles,shadow or eggman etc) they will become a dark chao, if you are really nice to them with a good character(sonic,tails,knuckles or silver etc)they will become a hero chao. you may also breed with each other as long as you don't go over 4 chaos. your chaos will evolve three times and depending on how you raised them they will either reincarnate or die. you can buy new chao eggs from the chao kindergardens black market. you can also send them to chao kindergarden to get their names in the fortune tellers section, check up on their health in the chao doctor and to teach them stuff like drawing in the classroom.they will evolve from baby to adult from adult to errr....older adult and then to either death or reincarnation. you may also play with others chaos if they give you permission. that's all you need to know have fun with your chaos.
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